Through The Window……Part Two

There were six of the little critters out there this morning! I eventually had to go and separate the pumpkins as they just wouldn’t play nice. (The squirrels, not the pumpkins.)

Finally they settled down, each with it’s own private dining table, until the seventh one arrived. From then on it was like ‘musical chairs for squirrels’ until it became impossible to tell just how many there actually were, in the flurry of twitching tails!

Now I can hear a crow calling a warning and several of the squirrels have scurried away. Perhaps there’s a hawk in the area.


7 thoughts on “Through The Window……Part Two

  1. Such cute little scamps they are. I watched one morning as a couple in my yard teased a hawk. They raced up and down a tall oak tree in a serpentine pattern, chattering and taunting the poor hawk. In those tight quarters there was no way he could catch one of them.

    A life and death struggle really and yet those silly little squirrels seemed to be making a game of it all.

    Guess I could learn a lesson or two from squirrels. 😉

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