A Lack Of Winter

Who would have thought!!!! How could one possibly imagine walking around Spring Valley on the last day of January without cringing against cold winds, floundering through snow or, at the very least, sliding on hard, icy ground. But here we are on the verge of February and there are few visible signs that we are still in the grip of winter.

To be sure, the pond is frozen over but only just. It’s easy to imagine that even a leaf falling on its already watery surface would crack the thin veneer of ice and sink without trace. The paths and trails are muddy; the snow that fell most recently has already melted in the unseasonably warm weather.

While all this is great if, like me, you find no pleasure in freezing to death while shoveling your way out of the driveway in order to nip down to the grocery store for a gallon of milk, still I can’t help worrying about the garden.

I just know the bulbs and plants will get easily confused, encouraged by the unusually mild temperatures, and will start pushing their way up out of the ground to see what’s going on. I’m afraid that when we do return to reality and get hit by the kind of weather that we normally see here at this time of year, as we undoubtedly will, there will not be that deep layer of snow to protect them.

I wish I could just relax and enjoy this welcome break in the weather but I can’t. I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall. It all seems too good to be true. Mother Nature, one can’t help feeling, is waiting to drop us in it very shortly. And who could blame her. It must be very frustrating to be in her shoes (if she wears any.)

“Moan, moan, moan! That’s all they ever do! Give ‘em a blizzard and temperatures in the single digits and they can’t handle it. Take pity and lighten up on the snow storms and freezing winds and they’re crying about the garden!”

Sorry, Mother Nature! That’s just the way it is. We are mere mortals and never satisfied.


11 thoughts on “A Lack Of Winter

  1. Love your post. Your photos are beautiful. What type of camera are you using? Do you find it easy to edit and post them to your blog? I am always trying to learn and improve on mine. Thanks for visiting

  2. Thank you, Gwenael.

    I used to use a Minolta 370 (non-digital) but now use a Canon Rebel XTi. I keep all my photos on file so they’re easy to post to the blog. Sometimes they need a little help from photoshop but I try not to mess about with them too much.

    Look forward to reading more on your blog.

  3. Wow I am jealous that you get to be this close to nature! Beautiful, beautiful photos of the trees and animals. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Too true; we are never satisfied. Here is CT we’ve had little snow as well…which makes me worry about the water-table (having been on the receiving end of a dry well once, I’m not eager to repeat the occasion). Rain was predicted for today….but here on the emerging edge of dawn I see 2″ of snow out there! Unexpected indeed and welcome. It is, after all, February, and my hyacinths have absolutely no business being 3″ above the ground.

  5. We have had no rain in California, which is winter for us. Yes it’s beautiful but a serious fire season is on the horizon if it doesn’t rain. Therefore it is hard to be happy with the sunshine.

  6. Since I am a Floridian spending several months in northern Illinois, I’m very grateful for the mild winter. I’ve never driven in ice and snow and it’s scary stuff!

  7. I am as one with you on the whole idea of plant confusion! People look at me oddly when I say I don’t like it to be too warm in the winter (in NE Ohio) because if plants start growing, then get hit with a hard freeze or ice or snow, they might never recover. I also spend time in Naperville, not far from you. In fact, I’ll be there next week, when it’s supposed to be quite warm. The Chicago area has wonderful parks, although as my husband said when he first got transferred out there–“It’s so flat!” I told him that’s what you get with prairies. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Visit any time and I’ll be back here, too.

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