Sugar is the name of our daughter’s cat.  She was adopted from an animal shelter a few years ago and has made herself very much ‘at home’ ever since.

She’s a lovely creature, despite having two different colored eyes, or perhaps because of that fact.  Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. (I am talking about the cat here, just in case any of you are confused and think I’m referring to my daughter, although she is, of course, beautiful.)

Unlike our daughter, Sugar is not terribly sociable. She doesn’t come running to greet us when we walk in the door but prefers to stay nestled on the duvet in the bedroom. Em tries to induce her to come out and say “Hi” but the cat isn’t having any of it and ignores all entreaties.  She is then lifted off the bed and brought, legs stiff with reluctance, to see us.  We say, “Hello Sugar” and she responds with a wave of her tail which, as every cat-lover will know, is not a sign of endearment and Em, sensing that nothing good will come of trying to force the cat to spend quality time with us, carries her back to the bed.

I suspect our daughter and her husband have spoiled her to the point where she now considers herself head of the household.

“What?  You want me to chase after that mouse?  Puuuulease!! Get real!”

At Christmas time she likes to position herself under the tree as if to say “I’m the brightest and best ornament this tree has ever been lucky enough to  have!”  And she’s got a point.  She does look splendid.

Recently our daughter, who is currently studying her brains out in pharmacy school, posted this picture of Sugar on Facebook.  I think it was the cat’s way of saying “Hey! What about me!  When do I get some attention!”  That’s so typical of Sugar.  She’ll be your best friend but only when she’s good and ready!


7 thoughts on “SUGAR

  1. Love this! Sugar sounds so much like our cat Snowflake and the picture of her on the text is hilarious as Snowflake does exactly the same thing when I am trying to study. If that doesn’t work she will simply walk back and forth across my desk, directly in front of my computer so that I cannot type, all the while cooing a strange cat coo but sounding as if she swallowed a dove.

    Nothing to do but laugh and put aside the homework for much needed cat attention 🙂

  2. Sugar sounds a lit like my cat. I have a long haired white cat (named Little way back when she actually was). She likes to climb up on the keyboard to see what I’m doing. When I make her get down, she curls up on the bed behind me and gives me here sloe-eyed, “whatever!” look until I feel appropriately guilty for interrupting her fun.

    I enjoyed your post very much.

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