My most favorite place to visit in Illinois is the Chicago Botanic Garden.  We’ve held a membership for many years and have been going there almost since it opened.  We’ve seen it grow with the various additions that make it the beautiful place that it is today and when we visit, it’s as though we are visiting an old friend who always makes us welcome.

It’s a place that offers a delight for the senses in every season, even in winter. And there is something appealing to every age group, from children’s programs and the model railroad garden to music on the esplanade and a chance to sit and enjoy the peace and serenity of the Japanese garden.

Whether you enjoy walking among the flower beds or following the paths that wind across the Dixon prairie or just riding the tram that includes a narrated tour of the garden, there is something new and exciting to see at every turn.

During the coming months I hope to be posting pictures and descriptions of the different areas within the Garden and describe some of the events and features that I think would be of interest.


12 thoughts on “AN OLD FRIEND

  1. It certainly is well worth a visit but I have to say that this year you may not find it looking at its best as they are currently carrying out a shoreline restoration program which means they’ve completely emptied out the lake and are redigging the basin. Of course I did notice, this morning, that it caught the attention of most of the little boys that were in there because of the huge bulldozers that were at work. Much more interesting than girly flowers!!

  2. If ever in St. Louis, I’m sure you’d love one of my favorites as well: the Missouri Botanical Garden. I have loads of pics and memories of the garden from the last three decades and have watched it change, add new features and keep some of the historic parts over the years.

  3. We remember visiting the Botanical Gardens with you on our last visit, and it was really beautiful, even though it was late in the year.
    P.S. Love the photo of you and your Mum!

  4. Love Chicago with its fountains and gardens and architecture and waterfront and bustling city life. Course, I’ve only had the pleasure in the month of June so my vision is very, very skewed. Nice photos.

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