The Lilacs of Lombard

Continuing with the lilac theme, whenever these flowers start to bloom in my garden I make a point of heading over to Lilacia Park in Lombard, Illinois.  Lombard is famous for its lilacs, although one wonders about the advisability of holding a festival and parade centered around a blossom that is so short-lived, especially at such an unpredictable time of the year.

Because of the crazy weather we’ve had so far this spring, the flowers are already starting to turn brown and the parade is scheduled for May 20th which could possibly mean they may have to break out the silk flowers in order to celebrate “Lilac Time in Lombard.”

The lilac festival and parade has been held every year since 1930 but even if you aren’t able to get to the celebrations I highly recommend a visit to Lilacia Park to see the flowers.  Despite everything being ahead of time this spring, it isn’t too late to enjoy the beauty and perfume of the lilacs.

Of course there is more to the park than just the lilacs. Right now there are still some daffodils in bloom and plenty of tulips.  I’ve never been there at any other time of year but I’m sure there must be other flowers to see.  (Note to self; I must go back in a few month’s time when the peonies are out.)  Today there were numerous robins scratching about in the mulch looking for something tasty for breakfast and several glossy, black grackles were filling the air with their raucous calls.

This morning as I walked through the park I tried not to feel too maudlin. Last year I made this same annual pilgrimage, just 6 months after my mother had passed away, and cried all the way round. It was always one of her favorite outings and every year she would say, “I’m so glad I got to see this one more time.”   Now I’m thinking the same thing.


One thought on “The Lilacs of Lombard

  1. Our weather has gone from unseasonably warm to unseasonably cold. My lilacs have been threatening to bloom for weeks now, and I am so afraid the frost will get them before they do.

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