Spring Things

As I walked around Spring Valley Nature Center this morning I saw plenty of evidence that Spring is definitely in full swing.

I’m not an expert, by any means, which is why I often refer to the various flora and fauna that I come across as “those yellow things” or “those orange things” so if I hazard a guess at a name and get it wrong, I hope you will forgive me.

There were lots of wildflowers in bloom; yellow, purple, blue, white and pink things and this Red Admiral was one of dozens that fluttered around me, some of them landing on my shoulders and shoes  as I walked along the sunny, wood-chipped and pebbled pathways.

It’s amazing how many different sounds you can hear when you stop to listen. The frogs were kicking up a tremendous racket over by the pond, the birds were singing in the trees and the stream was babbling its watery way over stones and fallen branches.

There’s one sound, however, that I dread hearing and which is all too common at this time of year.  I’m referring to the shrill cry of the redwing blackbird.  Ever since I was attacked by one of these feisty characters, and that on more than one occasion, I’ve been very wary of getting too close to their nesting sites.  I realize they’re only defending their territory but for someone like me who is very much afraid of birds flying around their head, it’s a terrifying experience and one that I do my best to avoid.  Unfortunately this very often causes me to hurry along when I would much rather take my time and look around.

But once I find a redwing-free zone I can sit down, enjoy the sunshine and look at the pretty purple things that are growing nearby.


7 thoughts on “Spring Things

  1. So sorry about your negative experience with the red-winged blackbird! I have always enjoyed their watery song as a harbinger of Spring and feel delighted to see them. I hope you have more pleasant experiences to counteract the harrowing ones.

  2. I don’t think we have the red-winged blackbird in the UK, but I understand your feelings having been attacked by arctic skuas when we accidentally intruded on their breeding territory. They are vicious!

  3. Yes, it’s scary! I just wish they understood that I don’t mean them any harm but you can’t blame them for being on their guard. It’s a matter of survival. And speaking of the UK, I miss seeing the little English robin.

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