Life Goes On….At Crabtree

It’s been a while since I was last at Crabtree Nature Center.  Since Mum passed away I’ve avoided going to some of the places that we used to enjoy visiting together.  But life goes on, as they say, and I couldn’t stay away from peaceful spots like this for too long.

Crabtree Nature Center, run by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County and located in Barrington, Illinois, covers over 1,000 acres.  There are several miles of trails that run through woods, past marshes and ponds and across prairies and meadows.  The lake attracts all kinds of birds especially during migration season and the preserve is home to all types of wildlife including deer, frogs, turtles, coyotes, chipmunks, muskrats and countless other animals.

This morning was cool and sunny and the air filled with bird song.  In the woods the wild flowers, wild geranium and shooting stars, were looking fresh and colorful, beautiful in their simplicity, and trillium and Jack-in-a-pulpit were plentiful.

I’ve never seen so many turtles as there were today, sunning themselves on every available log jutting out of the water on Sulky Pond.  I believe the pond got it’s name from the race track that used to be located there many years ago.

Finding a sunny spot down by Bullrush Pond I sat for a while and watched a muskrat helping itself to some tasty shoots.

Then I went back along the path where Mum and I had walked so many times before.  A snake slithered away as I approached and goldfinches and chickadees flew from tree to tree. The geese were calling to each other across the lake and squirrels foraged for food among last year’s leaves. Yes, life goes on.


3 thoughts on “Life Goes On….At Crabtree

  1. Ah, a place near my old stomping grounds…I lived in Cary for 20 years. Only went here a few times, though, because McHenry County Conservation District places were my usual haunts.

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