In Search of Dahlias

At the end of last Autumn I dug up the dahlias in my garden, cleaned the tubers off in the prescribed manner and put them in a paper bag in order to keep them over-winter.

Now that the time for replanting is fast approaching (anytime after Memorial Day, so I’m told by the experts) I’m all ready to introduce them back into the garden. The snag is I can’t remember where I put the paper bag.  Along with several other items that my husband and I have at one time or another ‘put in a safe place’ the dahlias have vanished into thin air. If we ever find them we’ll probably also locate the missing flashlight, batteries, keys and locker combination.

But that may never happen, so the other day, in a drizzling rain, I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden for the Central States Dahlia Society sale.

Dahlias come in all shapes, colors and sizes and some of the names are really intriguing!  Mingus Randy, Spartacus, Croydon Masterpiece and Wanda’s Aurora were the four that I purchased. I only hope the blooms live up to the pictures on the packaging.

I’ve had a reasonable amount of luck with these plants in the past especially from the Dahlia Society but then I’ve had satisfactory results from root divisions that I’ve purchased at the cut-rate grocery store too, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay top dollar to get pretty flowers.

Every year they have a wonderful display of dahlias at our local park district conservatory and of course the Chicago Botanic Garden has its share of these spectacular blooms.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put on quite a show myself, especially if I ever find that paper bag.


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