Lurie Garden

While I was in downtown Chicago the other day, I stopped by the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park. This is a beautiful spot, located at the southern end of the park, close to the Art Institute.

Purple salvia ‘May Night’ seemed to be the predominant feature just then and, although you can’t really tell from some of these pictures, they were covered in a mass of tiny bees and various butterflies including monarchs, red admirals and painted ladies. (Sounds like the cast of a BBC costume drama!)

The gardens are enjoyed by tourists and residents alike, the tourist walking around taking photos and the resident just sitting in the sun, grabbing a much needed break or a hasty lunch before going back to work.

Lurie has a corps of volunteers who help maintain the flower beds and walkways and The Garden Guides lead informative tours on Sundays from May through September, providing information about the plants and the history of the garden.

The plants consist entirely of perennials, bulbs and grasses and do not have any labeling system although there is a detailed plan of the contents of the beds on the Lurie Garden website.


14 thoughts on “Lurie Garden

  1. The gardens in front of the city’s skyline are wonderful. Together, they present a very interesting photograph filled with interesting features, a city shot alone might not capture. Also, I love that butterfly against the purple salvia with the faded background. Ah! The wonders of nature. We are so blessed. 🙂

  2. Thank you for liking my recent post. Your garden photos are lovely! My sister inherited the green thumb in our family 🙂 — I’ll have to alert her to your blog. Again, thanks for this relaxing place to visit!

  3. Gardens beautiful gardens. What’s not to love about them. Even a dandelion growing between the cracks in the pavement has it’s own beauty. Lovely photographs. Viriginia

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