Succumbing to Temptation

Despite the fact that I’m in the process of downsizing the garden, I couldn’t help myself this morning and went to the local conservatory plant sale.  I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t buy any more plants, I’ll have to try and cram as many of the ones I have now into the few remaining flower beds as it is, but  I couldn’t resist the temptation to add to my collection.

Just one more dahlia, some lupines and a red coreopsis, surely that’s not too much to ask!

Apart from the plants that I have bought over the years, the garden is filled with the results of cuttings that other people have given me.  I can never say no!  Offer me something for free and I’m  there.  I just can’t turn away from the idea of having one more flower blooming in the garden.  And usually the cuttings or root divisions that people give away are the things that grow like crazy and take over the place. The New England aster that someone donated is coming up everywhere now and a small cutting of autumn clematis has spread to gigantic proportions!

But I can’t bring myself to get rid of anything either, unless it’s cuttings and divisions from those same plants. No matter how unsightly or unsuccessful a species of plant might turn out to be, I don’t have the heart to throw it out!

There’s no doubt, I’m going to have to get ruthless! All those things that like to spread themselves around are going to have to toe the line or get tossed out! The Russian sage will have to watch its step and the white anemones can no longer be allowed to think they can do whatever they like. The pink dianthus better calm down and the blue false indigo will have to learn how to stay put! And then maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to squeeze in one more rose, one more delphinium.

Oh look! The annual ‘A Bloomin Festival’ spring plant sale at the Chicago Botanic Garden will be held on May 18th.  Perhaps I’ll go, just to look around you understand, because I’m sure this time I won’t succumb to temptation.


10 thoughts on “Succumbing to Temptation

  1. I’m so impressed you even know the names of all those plants, let alone grow them successfully. Me and my brown thumb will have to be content with a few annuals in pots!

  2. HaHa…me too! So difficult to avoid ‘temptation’! I try to avoid local greenhouses at all cost. Plant sales are addictive, especially when I should be downsizing the gardens also! ;D

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