In Our Garden

Today was sunny but very windy so I went around the garden staking plants and doing a few minor repairs. Here are some of the flowers that are out, right now, in our garden.

The poppies and peonies always put on a good show. It’s too bad the blooms don’t last a bit longer but there’s always something else to take their place. The iris is definitely a favorite at this time of year and the roses are looking great!

When I see all those lovely colors my resolve to downsize the flower beds begins to waver but then I remember how much work it takes to keep everything weed-free and tidy, something I just don’t relish the thought of as I get older, especially during our hot and humid Chicago summers.


8 thoughts on “In Our Garden

  1. You must have the most picturesque garden in the entire city! I love seeing your pictures. Waiting to see what you will post next to fill our eyes with delight is a much anticipated event.
    Thank you for the splash of color as my corner of Washington is lovely, green and incredibly wet today 🙂

  2. I understand your feelings Sue. It’s a very busy time trying to give sensible shape to the beds for the months ahead. From your pictures you obviously succeed.

    • Thanks, Louis! I just spent most of the morning planting the new dahlias and I’m ready for a break but it’s good to know that the results from all our hard work are appreciated!

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