Now Appearing…..

Taking a brief survey of the garden this morning I find several of my favorites are now in bloom.  Hollyhocks are what some people may consider an ‘old fashioned’ flower and you don’t see too many of them in our neighborhood but quite a number of people that walk past here say they are happy to see them as they remind them of their childhood.  I’m always pleased to hear that people are enjoying our efforts!

We have several varieties of lilies including ‘Red Carpet’, ‘Connecticut King’ and ‘Enchantment’ and others will probably be in bloom shortly.

The Pincushion flowers and Shasta Crazy Daisy are also out now, as are two more of the clematis, one of which may be a variety called ‘Polish Spirit’ although I can’t be certain as I planted several different kinds and over the years they have become somewhat jumbled together.

So many other flowers, too numerous to mention, are now appearing in the garden, but I will name  three that are self-seeding and come up randomly all over; Coreopsis, Shirley poppy and larkspur. Their colors are just gorgeous and require no work on my part other than to thin them out occasionally!


16 thoughts on “Now Appearing…..

  1. I’ve always loved the look of hollyhocks but never had much success with them – probably wrong climate. Poppies are the same, but I stole a couple of shots of gorgeous poppies in Colorado in mid-May.

    Your garden is sheer happiness…from this POV 😉

  2. Oh I saw some of those yellow flowers the other day in the botanical gardens and wondered what they were. I’ll post a pic at some point but I’m sure they’re the same as yours. Coreopsis yes?

  3. I’m thinking WP reader at the moment is like FaceBook and self-selecting what it ‘thinks’ you want to read. ie the ones you comment/like the most? Who knows?

    I like the plant names anyway so I think I will go with coreopsis too. Tickseed? !!! I hope that’s not like the ticks that gave Pippa erlichiosis. If so, they may not feature on any of my blogs!

    • According to Wikipedia the seeds look like bugs (can’t say I’ve ever noticed it) and apparently the name coreopsis is derived from a Greek word meaning bedbug. Who would have guessed!! Despite all that, I love the flowers. They’re so bright and cheerful and seem to grow very well in this area.

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