Heat Relief

Finally we’ve received some much welcome relief from the heat wave that has been hovering over us for the past week or so. Although it’s still in the 80’s, that’s a lot better than the 100+ temps that we had for three days straight.

No rain, however, and everything in the garden is pretty much fried to a crisp, but still there are signs of life. One or two of the hardier plants such as the White Swan Echinacea and purple coneflower are hanging on for dear life and I refuse to give up hope that we will again see some lush growth out there once the rains come.

Before the drought we had some very nice daylilies, Red Magic, Stella De Oro and Raspberry Pixie as well as the Sentimental Journey and Cascade Queen lilies. Now I’m pinning all my hopes on the dahlias that I planted earlier in the spring.


16 thoughts on “Heat Relief

  1. Seems like extremes of weather are taking place on both sides of the Atlantic. We are having the opposite: heavy and prolonged rain causing localised flooding. Temps are also being held down. Bright days have been few and far between since March. I hope you get the rain you need soon.

  2. Beautiful pictures as usual. Those lilies were something else.

    We are supposed to get rain later in the week. We received a thimble full right before sunset last night, but the real storm clouds blew south. I hope the weather men are right! I’ve got my fingers crossed that y’all get the rain first and send it on down to us 😉

  3. Your flowers seem to be enjoying the heat, especially the lilies. Here in the UK many parts have received a month’s rain in 24 hours. We were away on holiday last week and came home to a complete jungle of a garden. But on the south coast we had a rain free week!

  4. We are getting some blessed relief from the heat too, but alas no rain. Perhaps by this weekend, but hopefully no storms to put all our lights out! Lovely photos. I envy you your green thumb! (All I have at the moment is black and blue toes!)

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