The Empty Nest

Off to hopefully shoot some birds. Not literally, of course, but photographically. So I thought I’d leave you with this my second effort at writing something for The Nature of Things that evidently nobody saw the first time around.

The Nature of Things

Some years ago, a pair of robins set up housekeeping in a shrub conveniently located just outside our bedroom window. By dint of climbing atop a rather shaky chest-of-drawers we were able to watch as, over the ensuing days, they flew industriously back and forth with bits of nesting material, busily constructing what our local realtor would have described as a highly desirable residence. (Some of today’s houses should be built so well!)

But try as I might I could never seem to get a good enough shot of the proceedings; the branches always got in the way and, because this was in pre-digital camera days, it wasn’t until after it was too late to retake the pictures that I discovered, upon getting my prints back from the pharmacy, that my efforts had met with little or no success.

Meanwhile, the babies emerged from their delicate, blue eggs, ugly and…

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