Bugs We Have Known.

Busy doing house-cleaning today so I thought I’d give this post another airing. There are always plenty of bugs around!

The Nature of Things

I have, over the years, been the recipient of numerous phone calls from all three of our daughters, mostly late at night, that have gone something like this;
Me: “Hello.”
Daughter: “Mum?” (On the verge of tears.)
Me: “Hello dear. What’s wr………?”

Daughter screams, shrieking down the phone in decibels guaranteed to pierce the ear drum.
Me: (Frantically) “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

Is there an intruder in the apartment? Has she accidentally cut off an extremity while slicing vegetables? Has she received this month’s phone bill?

Daughter: “IT’S CLIMBING UP THE WALL!!!!!” (More screams)
Me: (Frantically) “What? What?”

Has she given the houseplant too much liquid fertilizer? Could it be the neighbor’s boa constrictor on the loose again or …..even the neighbor? Or is it some grotesque alien monster that has landed on Earth and made my daughter’s apartment its first port of call?

Daughter: “A BUG!!!!!”

Now I’m the…

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