“If You Go Down To The Woods Today……..”

Another busy week with little time to sit and compose a new post so here is another offering from my earlier writings back in 2011.

The Nature of Things

I am, at heart, a city girl, originally from London and then Chicago, and it wasn’t until we moved out to our current location that I really thought much about the joys of wildlife photography.

Up to that point, the only birds to which I could reasonably put a name were sparrows and pigeons and the only animals with which I had come into limited contact were the mice that we occasionally caught in cunningly concealed traps laden with cheese and peanut butter, and squirrels that darted kamikaze-like, from time to time, in front of the car.

So when my neighbor thoughtfully informed us about the many excellent nature centers in our area, I gathered up such photographic equipment as I possessed, donned a rather expensive photojournalist’s vest, purchased in a moment of misguided enthusiasm at The Banana Republic and headed out with the intention of coming back with shots…

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