Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The Weekly Photo Challenge from the folks on The Daily Post at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/weekly-photo-challenge-sea/ is Sea.

Mum and me at Folkestone 2

How I miss the sea! When we lived in England, every year we would take a holiday by the sea. Although technically Folkestone wasn’t by the sea but the English Channel, it made no difference to my young eyes. Sometimes we went to Westcliff-on-Sea, occasionally to other places such as Broadstairs, Blackpool and Brighton, and once we visited Lowestoft which later proved to be a major turning point in our lives.

In the 40 years that I’ve lived in the USA I’ve only seen the sea once. I longed to visit the sea-side and eventually we decided on a trip to Virginia Beach. The girls were in their teens and it seemed like a good idea at the time. We had been to Florida some years earlier but we never reached the coast as an approaching hurricane had forced an early retreat. This trip to Virginia Beach was destined to be no less fraught with meteorological havoc. We arrived almost literally on the heels of a tornado.

virginia beach 11

The newspaper headlines of The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star on August 7th 1993, the next morning, read ‘Tornado Mayhem.’ We had picked our way through overturned campers and trucks along the road to our final destination, shaken by the scenes of devastation on either side and were really in no mood to appreciate the prime location of our hotel, perched almost directly on the waterfront, as we eventually rolled into the parking lot.

virginia beach 3

On Saturday morning the skies were still ominously grey and despite the fact that it was summer, the temperatures had taken a dramatic dive, which is more than we felt like doing in that dark, angry ocean. We did venture a walk along the shore, however, but I was disappointed to discover that the storm had washed any kind of interesting item from the beach out to sea. There was not a shell in sight. No seaweed, no starfish or jellyfish. Nothing that we would routinely have found had we been strolling along the sands at Margate.

virginia beach 5

There wasn’t much of an improvement over the ensuing days. The sun put in a brief appearance and the girls made the most of it, but the few tentative forays into the water were soon followed by a mad dash for jackets and warm drinks. It seemed as though we spent a good deal of time gazing out of our hotel window as the waves rolled in over a dismal, deserted beach.

virginia beach 7

Naturally, on our final day there, things brightened up. I still hope to see the sea again. My husband retires in a year or so, and he’s promised that we’ll go traveling. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Virginia Beach
“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.”


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

  1. Loved the sea. We used to go to the Welsh Coast, the other side of Blighty to you, gorgeous rocky coasts. Haven’t been able to go for some years now and miss that special smell.

    • Yes, it’s hard to explain the attraction that used to draw us back to the sea-side every year. I always felt very sad when we went home again. It was almost like leaving a dear friend. And as you say, that smell of the sea was something unique. There are so many things that I remember about those holidays, I can almost imagine I’m there now.

  2. I too miss being within a day’s drive of the sea. The Great Lakes are awesome, but somehow, not quite the same! Hope you have better luck with weather on future trips.

  3. As a child, growing up in Leeds, we often as a family would visit Scarborough or Blackpool, sometimes Whitby. It was easily done as England is so small in comparison to the USA.

    When I moved here eighteen years ago, I lived in NYC, so the ocean was never far away. I have lived in the mountains of NC for the last seven years, and miss the sea a lot more than I thought I ever would.
    Lovely Post, which brought back fond memories. Thanks.

  4. I love the sea. Living in England you’re never very far from the sea, and, I can’t imagine not being able to visit easily. When I was very young, I lived in Folkestone, and some afternoons after school I would persuade my Mum to walk down to the beach.
    Hey, I’m going to stop there and blog this myself, thanks Sue for the inspiration!

  5. Wonderful post, Sue. I think that in the UK anyone is only 60 or 70 miles away from the coast no matter where they live.

    The sea draws me even though I can’t swim and don’t particularly feel comfortable submersed in water. I wonder if it’s something about the human body consisting of 90 something per cent of water which draws us to a body of water – whatever the size. Or is it that we boomer-baby-Brits have the seaside in our blood because of holidays taken at the coast when we were young; I don’t know. I just know that when I am away from the sea for any length of time, I feel dessicated.

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