As Winter Approaches

It seemed that Autumn had only just arrived when already we were thinking about the approach of Winter. We saw our first snow of the season yesterday. Thankfully only a few flakes and certainly not enough to settle but it reminds us that winter will soon be upon us.


The thick frost that we had for the last two nights finished off the dahlias but luckily I took some pictures the other day to remind me of the beautiful show that the Spartacus variety put on this year.


The mums still have some life left in them since they are in a sheltered spot.


While I was walking around the garden I found this nest that had evidently been blown out of the tree during a recent storm. The eggs were still in it although I think they had already hatched. I decided to leave it on the parkway as several children go past this way to school and I thought they might like to take it for the class nature table but no-one seemed interested. Years ago such a treasure would have been snapped up in an instant but I guess that’s just a sign of the times.


Towards the end of summer this autumn clematis ran rampant through the back garden, engulfing two chairs, a bird feeder, an archway that buckled under the weight and much of a large cranberry viburnum bush. I think I will have to take it in hand once all the foliage dies off.


8 thoughts on “As Winter Approaches

  1. Sue, I can’t believe that the nest was left alone. I too know the days when bringing a treasure like that to school would have impressed many.

  2. We had a pair of roadrunners raise two babies in a nest built in a hedge right next to our deck. It was great to be able to chronicle this event in my blog! I had to be careful where I stuck my lens so as not to frighten the parents or, eventually, the two babies. They didn’t seem to mind. They didn’t flutter about, but instead stayed stock still while I was there, which was great for taking their pictures. The inside of the hedge location of the nest made photos awkward.

    After a few weeks past the time that they fledged, two more eggs appeared, but were never attended. It took about a month, but eventually other birds worked the eggs out of the nest and onto the ground.

    At least what I presume is one of the babies still stays around the area and allows photos now and then. He posed particularly well for me the other day, producing five minutes of video and many lovely shots for my blog. But usually he leads me a merry chase to get snaps of him!

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