A Touch of Pink

A touch of pink 2

I am so over winter already!  When the snow has lost that picturesque quality and the skies remain grey for hours on end I long for the colorful days of spring and summer. It hasn’t stopped snowing here since yesterday afternoon so I thought I’d post a few reminders of the delights to come in the months ahead when everything returns back to life, just to cheer myself up.

A touch of pink 3

Pink was my mother’s favorite  color; her bridal bouquet contained pink carnations and sweet peas. She was certainly kept busy, knitting pretty pink outfits for our three girls when they were babies.

A touch of pink 4

Pink, to me, says sugar and spice and all things nice, little girls in summer dresses, and sweet smelling roses. It makes me think of blossom time at the Morton Arboretum and magnificent magnolia trees, warm, soft breezes and June brides.

A touch of pink 5

I want to sit in the garden and feel the delicate touch of petals falling from the trees. I want a touch of color in my life.  I want pink!

A touch of pink



6 thoughts on “A Touch of Pink

  1. oh…so wonderful to see…we are having a deep freeze here right now…it is -41c or -41.8f with the wind chill…darn cold!!! Like you I am so over winter… 😦 your photos offer a lovely distraction…

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