A Touch of Blue

A touch of blue 4

I could have sworn I saw some blue sky the other day! I remember thinking, “So that’s what it looks like!”  But then I must have blinked and when I looked again, it was the same dreary grey;  the same old overcast, gloomy sky that has hung over us for what seems like an endless amount of time.  We need a little light relief. We need a touch of blue.

A touch of blue 2

A touch of blue

Blue, to me, says clear, summer skies and warm, inviting lagoons.  It means bluebells in the woods and bluebirds on the wing, plump, succulent blueberries, delicate little forget-me-nots and bright blue butterflies.

A touch of blue 5

I long to see lush hydrangeas and majestic delphiniums. I yearn to sit outside and eat ice cream served in a blue and white china bowl.  I want to dip my toes in an azure ocean.  I want to gaze up into an endless sky.  I want blue!

A touch of blue 3

12 thoughts on “A Touch of Blue

  1. Today there was no horizon for many hours…just white. By sunset, though, I was looking at pink and blue. AND! It was past 5:30! Hang in there, the days are getting longer and more colorful!

    • It will be good to see the grass again! The skies cleared up a bit here today but more snow in the forecast. We traveled back from Wausau to Chicago on Thursday and I can only say I wouldn’t want to repeat that trip in the same conditions any time soon!

  2. Lovely collection. Thanks for brightening (yet another) gloomy day! We had more snow too yesterday and my car is now stuck halfway up the driveway. Think it may be there till April!

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