It never ceases to amaze me how our local wildlife is able to survive the brutal weather conditions that we have experienced this winter. With several feet of snow and temperatures in the teens and well below for much of the time, they have managed to find a way to stay alive.


When I see those fragile little creatures going about their daily lives, searching for food and water, struggling against what seem to be insurmountable odds, I feel ashamed of myself, cowering behind the window in a heated room, complaining about having to hop into the car and drive down to the store in the snow to pick up our weekly grocery purchases.


I know there is something about their physical make-up that allows them to withstand the sub-zero temperatures and blizzard-like conditions; fur, feathers and all that, but even so, I can’t help feeling there’s more to it than that.


There’s got to be a certain amount of ingenuity involved and what better master of his craft than the squirrel. When it comes to figuring things out he’s a genius. You can almost see the wheels in his little brain spinning round has he formulates his plan to make the most of every opportunity.



He has worked out that, rather than trying to find a way into the bird feeder to get at the seed, it’s easier to just rip the bottom off the thing and have the contents pour out all over the ground.

I can imagine the others egging him on, the mice and birds cheering as he shinned up the pole and flung himself at the tube, hanging upside down while scrabbling to remove the last obstacle to a successful raid accompanied by the ecstatic cries of “Alright!!!” from an enthusiastic audience of finches, juncos and cardinals.








18 thoughts on “Ingenuity

  1. We’ve not had snow yet this year – we’ve been too busy with the winds and the floods! But I do so agree with what you say. The appearance of the snowdrops invariably takes me by surprise and lifts the spirits. I like your supporting pictures too.

    • Thanks, Louis! This seems to have been our year for snow and it’s not done yet. Another 6ins in the forecast for the coming week. Still, I guess that’s better than flooding. I’ve been reading about all the damage over there in the UK. One way and another it’s been a difficult winter for all of us.

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