Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

The Weekly Photo Challenge from the folks on The Daily Post at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/spring-2/ this week is Spring.

WPC spring

Spring, for me, heralds the beginning of work in the garden.  After sitting around all winter waiting for the snow to clear and imagining how things will look once the flowers start to appear, now is the time to get out there and help things along with all the usual gardening chores; weeding, planting, deadheading and grass cutting to name but a few.

WPC spring 5

It’s surprising how quickly the garden comes to life in the Spring.  With a little more daylight each day, gradually warming temperatures and a few rain-showers the flower beds quickly burst into color.

WPC spring 4

But this is just the beginning.  With many more blooms to appear you have to stay ahead of the game; chasing off rabbits, pulling dandelions, pruning, digging, mulching and watering. Gardening is hard work!  But when you see the results it makes everything worthwhile.

WPC spring 4

And to share that love of nature is even more rewarding. Little granddaughter takes after her grandma and enjoys helping take care of the flowers. Spring is here and we are ready for another year in the garden.


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