When Robert Burns wrote about the best laid schemes of mice and men, how right he was! Due to circumstances beyond my control, both the garden and this blog have been much neglected of late.  Owing to the fact that, for the past few weeks, I’ve been sidelined by an unpleasant and persistent bout of vertigo, my plans for the beginning of summer definitely went agley.


Not only has it played havoc with my equilibrium, thus preventing me from doing much in the way of gardening, but has also made it difficult for me to work on the computer or concentrate on anything for any length of time.


Luckily the flowers, most of which are hardy perennials, were able to take care of themselves, although the weeds have made the most of the opportunity to spring up on every available square inch of ground.


My arch-nemesis the rabbit has also taken advantage of my absence to nibble away at some of the new Asiatic lilies that had just put in an appearance.


Hopefully, with some much-needed physical therapy I’ll soon be able to see off both the weeds and the rabbits.


12 thoughts on “Neglected

    • Thanks, Cynthia! I only took pictures of the best bits. Now the growing season is almost over and I’ve finally caught up with most of the weeding. I always start out the year with good intentions.

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