Turtle Soup

turtle soup 1

During a recent visit to the splendid Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I overheard someone asking one of the docents about turtles.

“Yes,” this helpful lady replied.  “Just go along the boardwalk that skirts the wetlands area and you’ll see them.”

turtle soup 2

Not one to pass up the opportunity to photograph any kind of wildlife, I took her advice, albeit secondhand, and was well rewarded.  There were turtles aplenty!

turtle soup 3

And, unlike the turtles that hang out at our local nature center, these accommodating creatures didn’t dive out of sight the minute we got anywhere near them.  They paddled around in their soupy surroundings, popping their heads out of the water to watch us as we crept along the boardwalk.

turtle soup 4

Even the advent of some noisy young children clattering along the path didn’t seem to faze them.  They appeared quite unconcerned as I hung, camera in hand, over the top of the railing within a few feet of where they were sunning themselves.

turtle soup 5


6 thoughts on “Turtle Soup

  1. Happy painted turtles! Looks like you didn’t find any of those fearsome snapping turtles, though. I saw one beside the gravel road at Old World Wisconsin laying eggs.

  2. No, although I was hoping to, we didn’t see any snappers. I’ve seen them laying eggs at the local nature centers and managed to get some pictures of them, but the painted turtles are usually very shy and rarely stay put long enough for me to get as close as this.

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