Travel Theme: Trees

TTC Trees 6

What better place to find subjects for Ailsa’s Travel Theme challenge than the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois!  TTC Trees 1One of the best times to visit is in the Spring when the daffodils are blooming among the trees which have yet to produce fresh, green leaves.

TTC Trees 2

April is a great time to catch all the magnolia trees in full blossom.

TTC Trees 3And the pines still look vibrant after a harsh winter season.

TTC Trees 5

These blossoms herald a new beginning; a whole year of wonder at the Arboretum.

TTC Trees 4

Although summer will see lush green foliage, and autumn spectacular fall colors, there is something I like about winter and spring. You get to see the trees in their most natural state, with branches exposed to reveal all manner of wonderful shapes. But then, that’s just me. I once visited the Arboretum with someone who told me she thought the trees looked untidy and grotesque! Well, it takes all sorts, I suppose.

TTC Trees 7

Personally I think trees are beautiful at any time of year.

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