Biting the Hand

CFFC yellow 3

Despite everything we’ve done for these little ingrates, providing food, shelter and nesting materials, they have rewarded us by ripping our back door screen to shreds!



I never would have believed it if I hadn’t caught them red-handed, so to speak.



21 thoughts on “Biting the Hand

  1. Wow! How long did it take them to do that? And now, how do you deter them from continuing to do it more? Beautiful birds, but they do believe they are very entitled, don’t they. Sorry Sue 😦

    • They are very determined! I keep the nesting material hanging in the garden and they help themselves all through the spring and summer but for some reason they decided that they wanted something a bit more substantial to hold things together.

      • It is good you can forgive them, I was thinking you might decide to get a cat.
        The birds are under enough threat without cats. We can get up set when they sample out fruit and vegetables but we chop down their tree homes.
        Like you Sue I would miss them.

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