Time To Reflect – Snippets From Utah

In previous posts I’ve spoken about the grandeur and majesty of the Utah landscapes and about the limited amount of time we had to spend at each of the places that we visited.  It was difficult not to get caught up in trying to capture the bigger picture and, going through all the photographs (almost 3,000) that I took during our trip, I can see there were very few times when I actually stopped to take a closer look at things. However, there were one or two instances when I was able to slow down, take a breath and get into something more like macro mode.

snippets 3

snippets 2

One of the things that really fascinated me about Utah was the way everything seemed to be fashioned into such tortuous shapes by the forces of nature. Rocks and vegetation alike have, over the years, been molded by the elements into things of weird and wonderful beauty.



This was much in evidence in Arches National Park as I hiked along the paths to Skyline and Landscape Arches.  Watch where you walk if you step off the trail. There are lots of these clumps of cactus waiting to snag your ankles.

snippets 4

On our way to visit Park City we stopped off at Guardsman Pass to take in the scenery. The leaves on the aspen trees were just starting to change color and a butterfly landed conveniently close by as I stood by the side of the road taking pictures of some gigantic seed heads.




On the only rainy day during our visit to Salt Lake City we visited the Natural History Museum, an extremely interesting place packed with some really bizarre characters.






I hope if we do get the chance to go back that I will have the luxury of more time to take a closer look at all the wonderful things that Utah has to show us.

18 thoughts on “Time To Reflect – Snippets From Utah

    • Thank you so much! I think it would probably be a good thing if we all took the time to slow down a bit and take a closer look at so many things, not just nature but all aspects of our day to day lives.

  1. Every photo is a gem. You have shown natures torched shapes and the superb designs both beautiful as the Dandy Lion and museum specimens. You kept the writing brief but adequate.
    This is in my opinion blogging at its best. Thank you, Jack. _/\_

  2. wow, I totally love your photos – all of them! Thanks so much for visiting me, I’m happy to “meet” you (love your theme, too, it’s the prettiest one on WP… but of course I’m biased lol) Warm greetings from Egypt! ;^)

  3. Hi Sue,
    What an amazing landscape to explore. Very high on my list of places I’d like to visit while living in the USA. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos!

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