Winter Kill

The hawk has been hanging around here for the past few weeks, making daily passes over the garden and scaring the other birds out of their wits. Today he finally caught something.

Winter kill.JPG

Just as he was picking over the bones, a rabbit inadvertently hopped up behind him. The rabbit took one look at what was happening, decided that discretion was the better part of valor and shot off. The hawk spotted it and gave chase. Despite being my arch enemy where the garden is concerned,  I’m hoping the rabbit got away




11 thoughts on “Winter Kill

    • Thanks, Scillagrace! No one was more surprised than me when the pictured turned out as well as it did. (after a little bit of manipulation with the lighting.) I guess I was just so close to the screen that the camera focused right past it.

  1. Some parts of Mother Nature’s cycle of life I can do without. I know it is necessary but the big guy killing the little guy always seem sad even thought I know that is how it is meant to be. Here’s hoping the rabbit got so scared s/he got off to another part of town and won’t return to the hawk or your garden.:-)

    • It always makes me feel slightly guilty when I put food out for the birds and animals as I know I’m am more or less providing a potential buffet for the more predatory birds. Fortunately the more unpleasant aspects of nature don’t occur too often right outside our window. Still, although I shrink from anything in the way of blood and guts, I can’t help reaching for the camera when something out of the ordinary does happen. I think the rabbit got away.

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