First Visit of the Year

April r

Although I much prefer not going to the Chicago Botanic Garden on a weekend because it gets so crowded, I had little choice for my first visit of the year as the weather so far this spring has been rather miserable. However, I grabbed the first decent day that I could, a Sunday, and took a chance.

April a

April l.JPG

You wouldn’t guess it from these pictures but everybody and their brother were there and who could blame them! It was a gorgeous day and after being cooped up in the house for months on end there’s nothing better than being out in the fresh air, surrounded by a spectacular display of flowers.

April i.JPG

The tulips took center stage, always a stunning sight when you first enter the gardens in April and May, and the colors were just magnificent!  I always think they look so much more impressive in large numbers like this.

April b.JPG


April s.JPG


Every part of the garden was alive with blooms and blossoms and despite the crowds it wasn’t too difficult to catch a quiet moment or two, here and there.  Even with so many people there, the opportunity for close-up shots was limitless.

April u

April m

April e

April q


April n

April p

April c


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