Weekly Photo Challenge – Rare

Ben’s choice of topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge on The Daily Post this week is Rare.  I rarely take pictures of anything that’s rare but I thought these might possibly qualify.  Over the years we have often found caterpillars and butterfly eggs in the garden and kept them safe in an old fish tank until they made their miraculous metamorphosis into beautiful swallowtail butterflies, after which, we released them back into the garden to repeat the cycle.  In all that time it was only on the very rare occasion that I was able to capture the moment of change on camera.


Metamorphosis two

For more on The Weekly Photo Challenge go to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/rare/


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Rare

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    • The swallowtails didn’t seem to mind what time it was, but I remember the cecropia moth came out late at night (as you might expect, from a moth.) I know I did a lot of sitting around next to the fish tank, waiting for things to happen, but after the first couple of times I got to recognize the signs that things were on the move.

      • I set up the camera etc 1 night but fell asleep in the chair so missed it. The next time the camera battery went flat but like you I recognized signs after a while and captured the change eventually.

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