Just a few of the butterflies and moths that we saw at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s ‘Butterflies & Blooms’ exhibit this year. Our grandchildren love visiting this place and are amazingly cautious as they walk along the paths, careful not to step on any of the butterflies that land there.







I wish I could tell you the names of these beauties but as usual I’m too busy taking pictures to read the signs.  The exhibit is closed now but I imagine it will be open again next year when the weather warms up.  Something to look forward to over the coming winter months.

31 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Beautiful images! A couple of years ago I was doing a Garden photo book and met LOTS of new creatures. Still not a bug fan, but when I need to identify one, I go to BugGuide.net or Davesgarden.com

    You can sometimes just type in the description and get a bunch of pix. On the BugGuide.net site, I saw hundreds of Luna Moth pics, but yours is stunning! Davesgarden.com had a photo of your #5–A Cairns Birdwing.

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