Goldfinch Haven

Because we favor a cottage style garden, our home has become a haven for goldfinches. Although their color diminishes during the winter months, as soon as the weather starts to warm up, so do the bright yellow feathers of the male goldfinch and we know that spring can’t be far behind.



But they may have become rather miffed just lately as we have plans to turn a large part of their territory into a lawn.  Over the past few years, the area behind our house has been taken over by sunflowers and the goldfinches just love it!



Not that there aren’t plenty of other flowers out there in the garden for them to enjoy, including the purple coneflowers and orange cosmos but they do seem to prefer the sunflowers. Well, sorry guys but that’s all about to change.





Despite the fact that they have torn our back door screen to shreds, we have still gone out of our way to provide food and nesting materials for these bright little gems but there are times when parts of the garden have to undergo a  makeover and this year it’s the sunflower bed.  So they have been watching the proceedings with keen interest.


I realize that wildlife is extremely fickle.  The only reason they’re here is for the food, water and shelter that we provide, not because they want to be our pals, but I hope that once the project is complete, they will return and consider this, once again, a goldfinch haven.



18 thoughts on “Goldfinch Haven

  1. Absolutely love your photos. The first image with the mixture of orange flora works amazingly well with the bright yellow of the goldfinch. Lovely post. ❤

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