Halloween Challenge – Graveyard

The subject for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Halloween Challenge today is graveyard.  It’s difficult for me to think of cemeteries as spooky. Part of the Sunday routine when I was a very small child was a morning walk with my father that often took us through the local cemeteries in London.  He would point out all the beautiful monuments and would read the inscriptions on the headstones. Many of the people interred there were famous and my father’s stories about them were fascinating.   Now, very often when we visit a place for the first time, I look out for the old churchyards and wander around amongst the tombstones remembering those walks with my Dad.  For more on Jennifer’s Halloween Challenge go to https://jennifernicholewells.com/2016/10/27/jnws-halloween-challenge-graveyard/



A cemetery in Elgin, Illinois. As an avid genealogist I have a great interest in, and respect for, those who are buried in these graveyards, hoping that other people show the same consideration for our loved ones at rest in similar places around the world.


The graveyard at St Matthias Mission Catholic Church near New Fane, Wisconsin.


St Michael’s Cemetery, a Mission of Shepherd of the Hills Congregation in Wisconsin.

13 thoughts on “Halloween Challenge – Graveyard

    • That must have been an interesting experience. I’ve seen pictures of it and would loved to have visited Pere Lachaise. If only I’d thought of doing all these things when I lived in England! Many of my ancestors are buried in the old Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington, London.

  1. I love old cemeteries! I don’t think that I’ve every seen (at least around here) those hillside crypts. Amazing and I imagine rather creepy if one decides to wander around after dark 😉

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  3. Ah yes, interesting places cemeteries. I was taken with a churchyard cemetery in Queens. Very old. I started googling some names and found they owned huge masses of land given to them as incentive to come to the Americas and be part of the leadership. This particular place had family plots and everyone was buried. This family held start the first bank. And their house still stands. Facinating!!

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