Because of ongoing health problems I missed seeing some of my most favorite things this spring including the daffodils at Morton Arboretum, tulips at Cantigny, spring blossoms at the Chicago Botanic Gardens and the lilacs in Lombard. However, the flowers in our garden provided some consolation. They seem to manage pretty well without too much help from me and hopefully I can get out there before the weeds take over. We’ve had a lot of rain recently and when the sun finally did put in an appearance I managed to get a few shots of some familiar faces.

A colorful display of tulips and some mud-spattered daffodils as well as a few  other springtime flowers helped to brighten the day.


A white-crowned sparrow and my arch-nemesis the rabbit also paid us a visit.

29 thoughts on “Consolation

  1. I hope that you are well enough to get out and about and take more photographs to delight us soon. Meanwhile, you did pretty well while confined to barracks. Beautiful flowers.

  2. There’s just something extra special about tulips. They always make me relax and smile. Your photos are perfect. Need to get a container ordered so I can add to my little tulip garden. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments! Tulips are some of the nicest things about springtime, which is why I love to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden and Cantigny Park where they have exceptionally beautiful displays. I need to hurry up and refresh my collection of tulip bulbs. Thanks for stopping by.

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