April Showers Bring………

………more showers but also May flowers.  Despite moaning about the miserable weather we’ve experienced so far this spring in the Chicago area, I have to admit that our garden has never looked so lush and vibrant.  Many of the plants that I thought might not do as well this year, for one reason or another, have really pulled out all the stops, especially the iris.

The peonies never disappoint and somehow the frequent downpours of rain only seem to make them smell all the sweeter.


In fact, everything in the garden is thriving, from tulips to allium and the Japanese anemone.  A feast for all the senses and a promise of things to come in the summer.

And always lurking in the background, my arch nemesis, the rabbit, looking the picture of innocence.  One false move, rabbit, and you’re for the high jump!

20 thoughts on “April Showers Bring………

  1. How long has it taken you to build your garden Sue? Any pictures of it in large scale, or have I missed those in an earlier post? I would love to see the scope of what you’ve done overall, it is so beautiful.

    • Thanks, Deb! We’ve lived at our current location for more than 20 years now so I’ve had plenty of time to work on things. When we first arrived, the whole garden was grassed over and it took some intensive labor on my part to dig out all the flower beds. Unfortunately, living on a corner lot, the garden itself is not in any way secluded and it’s almost impossible to take any long shots without including our house, which is not the most photogenic of buildings, or those of our neighbors.

    • Thanks, Miriam! Yes, you can imagine the rabbit pondering over his choice of fare; deciding whether to have a go at the lilies or some other delectable plant. One rabbit I can just about cope with, but where there’s one, can others be far behind!

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