A Photo A Week Challenge – Mountain

This week, Nancy Merrill has us looking to the mountains for her Photo A Week Challenge.

Taking a picture through the dirty windshield of a fast-moving car is not the most ideal way of capturing a shot but I managed to salvage this view, seen in Colorado, with the help of a little HDR.

On our way through Wyoming we drove along the Snowy Range Pass where we encountered some wonderful scenery.

And then on to Utah.

During our stay in Salt Lake City we took a side-trip to do a little hiking near Alta.

For more on Nancy’s A Photo A Week Challenge go to A Photo a Week Challenge: Mountain

13 thoughts on “A Photo A Week Challenge – Mountain

  1. I love them all and particularly the first one. Last week in my once a week blog time, I read your post, started commenting, got sidetracked looked up HDR, got side-sidetracked finding the manual for my camera and side-side-sidetracked discovering I could do more things than just pressing the big button. 😜 So… better late than never, great work! 💚

    • Thank you, Steve. I really appreciate your kind comment. After years of tossing out bad pics I finally discovered the HDR section on the photo-processing software that came with the camera and was amazed by what it could do! Live and learn! Thank you so much for visiting.

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