OWPC – The Bee’s Knees

This week, Jennifer Nichole Wells has chosen insect as the subject for her One Word Photo Challenge. With so many flowers in the garden it’s not surprising that we have quite a number of bees flying around.  Unlike wasps and hornets, bees are a welcome sight and I was happy to capture these few shots for the challenge.

For more on Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge go to This Week’s Challenges: August 20 – 26 (OWPC & WW)

27 thoughts on “OWPC – The Bee’s Knees

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    • Thank you! Owing to various health problems this year, including my husband’s knee replacement surgery, we haven’t been able to get out and about as much as we would have liked and ‘doors’ have not been much in evidence on our daily walks around the park. I’m longing to get back on track and visit more interesting places soon.

      • Sorry you are limited in search of photos for your blog. Scrolled down to your previous post, and saw your gorgeous photo of the two flowers with butterflies.
        Hope you will give me permission to draw and paint the bottom one in that photo? Please let me know.
        No promise on when I will get to painting it – I guess it’s wen inspiration strikes and I have the time.

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