Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

We rarely go to places where there is total silence. In our immediate area, if there isn’t the sound of airplanes passing overhead then you can hear busy traffic on a nearby road or trains hooting and clanging as they make their way along the tracks.  So it makes a welcome break to go anywhere where the only thing you can hear is the wind rustling through the leaves or the birds twittering in the trees. That, for us, is comparative silence.  Here are just a few of the places where we have enjoyed such a respite from the daily clatter of life.

Wasatch National Forest near Alta in Utah.

Antelope Island near Salt Lake City in Utah.

Off-season at Heritage Hill State Historical Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Snowy Range scenic byway in Laramie, Wyoming.

For more on the Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily Post go to Silence




33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

    • I must admit I have mixed feelings about being in such places. It’s very relaxing but sometimes the silence can be almost stifling. I guess we are so used to hearing the bustle of life where we live that it gives us a sense of security knowing there are other people and things going on close by.

      • It’s good to be in touch again, Sue. And yes, it is good to share. Word press is an excellent medium for that. See you again soon.

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  2. I love the picture of the church. The other photos are of beautiful places and you’ve captured them amazingly well. But, that church is practically five minutes away, cool to see it in another persons blog!

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