Weekly Photo Challenge – The Garden Awakening

It was good to see the Chicago Botanic Garden awakening from its long winter sleep today.  Stretching its arms and giving a bit of a yawn, it welcomed us back for another year of spectacular flowers and foliage.  Everything was neat and tidy, all the winter debris cleared away and emerging tulip leaves promise a beautiful show on the Esplanade in a few weeks.

Over in the English Walled Garden, a robin watched me as I stopped to take a picture or two.

The waterfall is yet to begin its cascade down towards the lake but the birds were singing and you could almost hear Mother Nature rolling up her sleeves, spitting on her hands and murmuring, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

A stroll around the immaculately-kept Japanese Garden showed me that it won’t be too long before the azaleas are in bloom.  All kinds of buds were showing on the branches of shrubs and trees.

If it’s true that “the earth laughs in flowers” then it was positively giggling like a giddy schoolgirl today as hundreds of brightly-colored crocus poked their heads out of the grass in front of the Carillon Tower.

Walking back through the Sensory Garden towards Spider Island, I was filled with anticipation, thinking about all the wonderful things that the garden will have to show us in the coming months now that it is finally awake.

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32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – The Garden Awakening

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    • Thanks, Gill. I prefer the little English robins. They’re so much more dainty. I’ll always remember one flying down to perch on my Dad’s garden fork as he took a break from gardening many years ago. Both the UK and US robins are very bold. Whenever I’m working in the garden here, especially in the Spring, I’m usually accompanied by a robin awaiting its chance to dash in and grab a tasty morsel.

    • Thanks, Jane! We’ve been getting quite a bit of rain these past few days but thankfully no snow. I hope the weather improves soon over there in Michigan and also up in Wisconsin where they’ve had more than enough snow.

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