Whose Zoo

Under normal circumstances nothing would induce me to visit somewhere like Brookfield Zoo on a sunny, mild Sunday, but when the Grandkids visit on a weekend and Sunday is the only available day, I have to brave the crowds and make the best of it.  As I suspected it would be, the place was packed! Luckily my Granddaughter is old enough to get around under her own steam and doesn’t tire easily so we got in a solid three hours of walking and seeing all kinds of wild and wonderful creatures. She even enticed me into the Australia House, something I swore I’d never do again after Mom and I were dive bombed by a giant bat, but I’m glad I chanced it as I got a nice shot of this kookaburra.

I always enjoy watching the giraffes. We caught this one in a confrontation with a couple of geese. The giraffe was a young one and was naturally curious about the two noisy interlopers in its enclosure. He bent down to get a closer look but the goose took exception and put up a bit of a fight. The youngster jumped back in alarm and then ambled off to chew on a few twigs.

My Granddaughter loves dogs so this one, an African painted dog, naturally caught her eye. No, I don’t think Momma will let you bring this one home!

Next up were the bison. I haven’t been this close to one of these animals since the time I found myself on the outside of an enclosure just a few yards away from one that they’d neglected to round up with the others, in Custer State Park, South Dakota. It was looking for its buddies and had snuck up on me, there being only one other hapless photographer between me and it.  Needless to say, I made a slow, backwards retreat to the car.

Granddaughter likes to get into the spirit of the thing.

On to everyone’s favorite, Tropic World. Well, everyone except me. I’m never very comfortable in here, with the birds flying about, but luckily they didn’t come too close and I was able to focus my attention on the animals.

The gorillas are always most impressive. especially the large silver-backed male who kept a wary eye on us and his family. There were several young ones playing about and I could feel for the mother as she tried to catch a few moments peace and quiet before they were back, jumping on top of her.

As is very often the case, many of the larger animals were taking a siesta and there wasn’t much action to be seen in either the bear or big cat enclosures.


It was a different story over by the sea lions. They were being put through their paces by some of the keepers and were demonstrating their fish-catching and flipper waving skills. Unfortunately there was a thick mesh screen separating us from the action but I found that if I zoomed in close enough with the camera, it magically disappeared.  All in all, quite a successful day, with one satisfied kid (after we’d stopped at the gift shop) and plenty of pictures to share.


32 thoughts on “Whose Zoo

  1. /Cute captures! I especially love the one of the giraffe and goose. If only they could talk. lol. The cuddly lions make me want too curl right up with them. I am sure was a great day. Fun share Sue.

  2. I love and hate zoo’s. It’s wonderful to see animals up close that you don’t find running around your backyard, but the idea of those beautiful, WILD animals in cages or enclosures is disheartening. Your pictures are wonderful as usual Sue 🙂

    • Thanks, Deb. Like you, I’m sorry to see these animals not in their natural habitat but on the other hand I suspect that most if not all were bred in captivity and have never known any other kind of life. Thank goodness zoos are nothing like they used to be years ago when animals were only kept in cages. And the breeding and conservation programs at many of the larger zoos are invaluable. When certain countries do so little to protect their own endangered wildlife, it’s left up to these organizations to do all they can to ensure their survival.

  3. Great photos, Sue. Well done on going back into Australia House. The kookaburra looks very handsome. I recall that you are not keen on being close to birds.

    I hope you don’t mind my visiting your post a couple of times. I’m trying to draw an orangutan at the moment, and its nose is proving difficult because the photo I’m using is very blurry. I thought I could use your photo of the silverback as a guide (appropriately modified for the orangutan).
    Kind regards. Tracy.

    • Thanks, Indira! Timing is everything. If we’d stayed a few minutes longer at the previous exhibit we would have missed the giraffe/goose confrontation. It was interesting to see the bird successfully defend what it considered to be its territory against such a large animal.

    • Thank you! I was amazed at how well they turned out, thankfully, as my Granddaughter has a passion for seals just now and had requested these shots for a show and tell at school this week.

  4. Amazing photos of some beautiful and handsome animals…you’ve captured their individual spirits …many look quite thoughtful. Pleased the grand daughter had such fun too!

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