Elk Spotting

Maybe it’s because I’ve always driven by at the wrong time of day, but I had become increasingly concerned that I hadn’t seen any sign of the elk lately and feared that, owing to inevitable budget cuts, the Forest Preserve had decided to abandon the idea of maintaining the herd in Elk Grove Village.  It would surely be unthinkable!  But you never know, these days. I decided to stop and take a closer look.

I saw plenty of wild flowers including some red things that I think are trillium and some purple things which, as far as I’m concerned, must remain nameless. There were dozens of squirrels running about and a woodpecker was making quite a commotion up in the treetops while a few frogs gently burped in the background. Still no sign of the elk.

I walked up as far as the bridge that spans Higgins Road and then came back, keeping well to the side as some of the cyclists who use the path go speeding past dangerously fast. PLEASE! PEOPLE! Remember that pedestrians use this path too, some with small children.  Almost back to the parking lot and still no sign of the elk, but then, just as it seemed like my worst fears may be realized, there they were.

Phew! What a relief! They’re still with us, looking a bit ragged as they shed their winter coats but seemingly healthy. Elk Grove Village just wouldn’t be the same without the elk!


12 thoughts on “Elk Spotting

  1. I didn’t know there were Elk in Elk Grove Village! Apparently, there’s also Dame’s Rocket (which I’ve just outed from namelessness), an “invasive” look-alike to Phlox.

    • I thought it looked a bit like Phlox. Thanks for naming the mystery plant, Scilla! Apparently, the original elk herd was brought to Elk Grove Village in the 1920’s. They’re cared for by Chicago Zoological Society veterinary staff and Busse Woods Forest Preserve wildlife biologists.

    • Thanks, Tom! I’m sure you would not be so reckless. To be fair, most of them were very courteous but there’s always someone who feels like they have to beat some kind of land speed record, which is fine at the right time and place. Anyway, all’s well that ends well.

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