Very often, when I visit the Chicago Botanic Garden, I tell myself that this time I’ll concentrate my photography on one particular area of the garden, not go wandering about willy-nilly snapping random pictures as I go.  It never works! It’s impossible to stick to the plan when there are so many things to distract me.  To give an example, this is how things went when I visited there last week.

“Okay, I’m going to head straight to the English Walled Garden this morning and I’m going to photograph the living daylights out of it!  Every flower, every shrub from every conceivable angle! But while I’m here I might as well get a few shots of the Esplanade and I have to go through the Heritage Garden anyway so I’ll take a few shots there too.”

“I’ll just get a closer look at these flowers, and ooh, look, there’s a chipmunk under here!”

“Right! Now! Straight to the English Garden! But we have to go past the Rose Garden. Oh, what the heck! I’ll only be a few minutes.”

“Now, right turn here.  No, that’s wrong. I should have turned left! Never mind. I’ll just have a quick look in the Circle Garden.”


“Now to get back on track, if I go down here past the Enabling Garden…..”

“What’s this sign say?  Corpse Flower! Well, I’ll have to see that while I’m down this way.”

“Mmm. Interesting! Okay, well it seems a pity to come this far out of our way and not see the Sensory Garden and if we take the path along there we’ll come out by Evening Island and ….”

“If we sit here for a while we’ll hear the bells.”

“Now, over the bridge and …… oooh look! Here comes the dredger! I’ll just follow its progress for a little way, past the Waterfall Garden….”

“Now how on earth did we manage to end up back in the Rose Garden?  Oh well, it won’t hurt to take this way back to the English Garden. Almost there!”

“See! I told you! Here we are at the English Walled Garden!  Good gracious! Is that the time already? Well I’ll just take a few shots while we’re here.”



“Next time I’ll concentrate on the Circle Garden for sure! No wandering around!”

And that’s how it goes.

37 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. Absolutely gorgeous photographs! Thanks for sharing. I keep telling myself NOT to take so many pictures when I go to botanic gardens or the butterfly conservatory – to just ENJOY the scenery, but its just too hard not to want to capture every bit of it!

      • I read about a whale watching tour that has BANNED cell phones and cameras onboard – they tell people, “If you’ve come to watch whales, then WATCH whales – don’t photograph them.”

      • Wow! I don’t think I could go on something like that if I couldn’t take pictures! I do see their point, but if, like me, you view most of life through a camera lens, it would be a rather harsh requirement. I have a hard enough time when we visit old houses or anywhere where they won’t let you take pictures inside. I find myself walking around visualizing everything as though I were looking through the viewfinder and thinking, “Darn! That would have made a fantastic picture!”

  2. The Corpse flower reminded me of that scene from Dennis the Menace where everybody is waiting for the flower to bloom and Dennis, as usual, is up to some mischief.
    Such a bright and lovely collection of flower photographs. Absolutely loved it. 🙂

    • Thank you! I was surprised to see the Corpse Flower out in the garden as it’s usually kept in the greenhouse. It would seem to invite some surreptitious poking and prodding but it was closely guarded by one of the garden docents.

  3. Fantastic photos of the most amazing flowers and scenes…so pleased you went for your amble ramble much better than sticking to a plan…brilliant post.

  4. LOVE, love, love your post with stunning photos of pure perfection Sue 🙂 I enjoyed them so much! Thank you for this and all your posts 🙂

    • I tend to be the same way in my gardening habits. I go out there meaning to work on one particular area and end up going around the whole thing, pulling weeds and dead heading.

  5. Oh cool, the Chicago Botanic Garden has a corpse flower too. I think actually that our corpse flower in Tucson is related somehow to the one in Chicago.

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