A Day At The Races

Summer wouldn’t be complete without at least one day at the races at Arlington Park.  Our granddaughter loves animals and especially horses so Arlington was high on our list of things to do during her visit.

I will say this, however, that a trip to Arlington may, on the face of it, seem like a cheap day out – parking is free and entrance to the Park is reasonable on certain days – but once inside, beware.  Apart from the obvious temptation to have a bit of a flutter on the gee-gees, the price of food and beverages is ridiculously high! I could have bought a decent bottle of wine for the cost of a small bottle of water and a thrifty shopper could have fed themselves for a week on what I shelled out for ice cream (the first thing the kids ask for when we go somewhere like this.)

Still, the high price of feeding and watering the troops was well worth it, just to see these beautiful creatures step daintily past as they made their way out of the paddock, hopefully with the winning jockey on board.

The horses aren’t the only things racing about at the track.  There isn’t an awful lot of time in between each race so we must decide which horse we like according to name, color of the jockey’s silks or the even more scientific method of sticking a pin in the list of runners, then run up the steps to place a small wager, out again and down the steps to view the horses in the paddock to make sure our choice is still alive and kicking, then back up again so we can go down to the rails to cheer the winner home. It’s quite exhausting!

Things usually go very smoothly at Arlington.  I’m always impressed by how efficiently everyone does their job, from the stable lads and the people who maintain the track to the person who plays the bugle (or is it trumpet?) before each race.

We did quite well that day. Three winners out of seven races which, for us, is about par for the course. And the pleasure we got from seeing our granddaughter meeting one of the horses face to face so to speak, rounded out our trip to the races very nicely.

11 thoughts on “A Day At The Races

  1. I love the dapple gray! Don’t see many of those. We have a track not too far from here which I haven’t gone to in years. Yours is lovely, with all the trees both inside the track and outside on the grounds as well.

    • The dapple gray did stand out! That was one my Mum would definitely have bet on. She always favored the grays. Arlington does make a very pleasant day out. There has been talk, in the past, of closing it down, which would be a pity. Although we don’t go there that often, I would really miss having this beautiful venue so close at hand.

    • Despite the high food prices, I can highly recommend Arlington Park for a great day out, although judging from past experience I would avoid the Arlington Million, which is their big race of the year, as it gets extremely crowded then.

  2. What a lovely day out seeing all those wonderful horses and those smartly turned out jockeys. Your granddaughter will definitely remember her special day out with you.

    • It will certainly be interesting to see what she remembers of our outing in a few year’s time. At that age, kids have a very limited attention span, always wanting to know “what’s next?” Hopefully some of the excitement of the day will stay with her.

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