Olbrich Botanical Gardens

We kicked off a recent mini-vacation up north with a visit to Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin.  Although smaller than many of the gardens we’ve visited, it covers about 16 acres, it packs a lot of interest into some beautifully maintained areas such as the English-style Sunken Garden, the oldest part of Olbrich Gardens, with its 80ft-long reflecting pool.

Flowers are all very nice but the boys were looking for something a little more exciting and they found it when they discovered a toad in an ornamental pool in the Rose Garden.

Leaving the toad to continue its sojourn in the Rose Garden we moved on to explore the Rock Garden where we got in touch with nature, and the Herb Garden where we recognized many familiar names.

The highlight of the gardens, for me at least, was the Thai Pavilion and Garden. The pavilion was a gift to the University of Wisconsin-Madison from the Thai Government and the Thai Chapter of the Wisconsin Alumni Association

The pavilion was built in Thailand, disassembled, shipped to the US and reconstructed at the Gardens. No touching! All the gold that you see on the building is gold leaf applied to plantation-grown teak and will not stand up to constant handling (and there is someone there to make sure that you don’t.)


This beautiful structure is surrounded by gardens that are designed to resemble those that you would see in Thailand, featuring ornamental grasses, bamboo and large-leafed plants and shrubs.

I can highly recommend a visit to Olbrich Botanical Gardens.  Admission to the outdoor gardens is free, with a minimal fee for visiting the adjoining Bolz Conservatory. For more information on the Gardens go to http://www.olbrich.org/

11 thoughts on “Olbrich Botanical Gardens

  1. What an oasis! Lush, green and tidy. The pavilion is certainly a unique surprise for a Botanical Garden in Wisconsin and it’s hard to believe it’s only 16 acres. There seems to be such a variety. Love the photos. Colorful and create interest. You have a real gift with presenting photos Sue. I love them al but the one with the large leaf in front of the pavilion and the man inside with the blue shirt is exactly what I mean. Very nice.

    • Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind comment. As with all aspects of life, I try to view things from many different angles. Since digital photography came on the scene it has become so much easier and less expensive to click away and capture as many images as possible. With a bit of luck, one or two of them sometimes make the grade.

      • I was just talking about that. My 6 year old grandson loves taking photos and takes things from different angles. 20 years ago that would have been a different opportunity as we would have to wait for the photos to be developed. Like you. I love the freedom to try new things and I think what happens is we find who WE are through photography. Loved it.

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