The Outside From The Inside

We’ve been safely tucked up inside the house these past few days; too cold to go outside for more than just a few minutes. We’re such softies! It makes you wonder how some of these little creatures survive in the teeth of this polar vortex.  It’s supposed to warm up a bit, soon, but for now, I’ll get my view of nature from the window.


26 thoughts on “The Outside From The Inside

    • Yes, I was especially concerned for this little guy. He seemed to be having a hard time perching on the branches and was doing a lot of fluttering around. I’m guessing he was either too young or too sick to make the trip south, which makes it even more surprising that he would have survived this long into such a severe winter.

  1. We spotted robins several weeks ago. They either came back way too early, or never left in the fall. I too wonder how all the little critters survive the harsh weather. We keep our bird feeders full and fresh water available.

    • How funny! My Mum would have been the first to knit him a pair, or two pairs. She always enjoyed a knitting challenge. Things are starting to thaw out a bit now so I hope to get out and about soon in search of new pictures.

  2. Your photos are amazing. I don’t know how you are all coping with the Polar vortex, colder than Antartica sounds scary. I really hope it warms up soon and the birds and wild animals can survive. Take care. X

  3. Really loved that last photo where the tips of the plant look like a group of miniature trees! Both of us loved it.. made Nigel think of a group of trees on the savannah!

    • Thanks, Patti! The birds seem to have a way of puffing up when it’s very cold. It must help so maybe I should try it. Haha! The windows only look clean because the long lens focuses out all the marks.

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