APAW Challenge – Okay Bokeh

This week, Nancy Merrill is looking at depth of field as the subject for the Photo A Week Challenge.  I have no clue how I get the results that I do.  As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t know an f-stop from a truck stop, but somehow the camera seems to know what I want and every once in a while it cooperates.  You say you want bokeh. Okay.

For more on Nancy’s Photo A Week Challenge go to Depth of Field.


22 thoughts on “APAW Challenge – Okay Bokeh

    • Thanks, Tom! The butterfly/building picture was one of those lucky shots that I didn’t even realize I’d taken until I was going through the photo files sometime later. I was rather pleased that I managed to capture one of Chicago’s landmark buildings as well as the butterfly.

  1. Thanks, Liz! The heron was the most cooperative bird I’ve ever seen. It was perched beside the Chicago river and seemed quite unperturbed by all the people walking by. Several photographers stopped to take pictures while I was there and it hardly moved a muscle, even when we got up quite close.

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