Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Close-Up

Many thanks to Ann-Christine for her choice of Close-Up as the topic for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. This came at a most opportune time for me since, on Friday, I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden specifically to get some close-up images at the Orchid Show.  This was something in the nature of an experiment. I don’t have a macro lens as such, but I came across a box filled with filters and adapters some of which I used to use with my old Minolta film camera.  Naturally, the macro filter didn’t fit any of my digital lenses but after cobbling together a weird combination of zoom lens, wide-angle adapter and macro filter I finally came away with something that I thought might work and, I have to say, although not perfect the results weren’t too bad.

21 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Close-Up

  1. Absolutely gorgeous orchid shots! And you shot with a mix made up of your own ideas? Well, you certainly succeeded – a marvelous gallery of my favorite flowers.

    • Thank you so much, Ann-Christine! I’ve been photographing the Orchid Show for several years now and am never fully satisfied with the results but I think this year was probably the most successful.

    • Thank you, Marianne! I can see why these plants are not the easiest thing to grow. They require rather too much care and attention which is why I leave it to the experts, and they really did put on a spectacular show this year.

  2. I’m not even much of an orchid fan but you found some real beauties. I really like the apricot and lime-green one, the tri-coloured purple, apricot and white frilly one, and the one below it – a warm rich tangerine colour. They’re lovely!

    • Thanks, Liz! Although they are beautiful flowers, I think I prefer something a little more robust. I never had much luck growing orchids. That being said, I always enjoy the Orchid Show, probably because by this time I’m usually desperate to see a bit of color and there’s absolutely nothing in the garden. The Show makes a welcome break from the usual winter woes.

  3. How clever to use these three combination for these beautiful photos.
    Details and lighting that you captured make these orchids even more gorgeous. Thank you so much, Sue for sharing these collection with us.

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