Coming To A Point – At The Chicago Botanic Garden

Going through the photo files looking for spiky, pointy or otherwise sharp and jagged objects for Becky’s Spiky Squares photo challenge, I came across a few from the Chicago Botanic Garden.

21 thoughts on “Coming To A Point – At The Chicago Botanic Garden

    • Thanks, Becky! When I first saw the topic ‘spiky’ I wasn’t hopeful that I’d find enough images but, after you suggested expanding the subject to include variations on the theme, all kinds of things presented themselves. Thanks for a great challenge!

      • oh I am so glad you have been able to find things . . .I know spiky on its own is a little bit too challenging, but I have been amazed by what everyone has found

    • It certainly does, Indira! There are more than 20 years worth of CBG images in the photo files and with at least 3 or 4 visits per year, it adds up. One of the best memberships that I ever invested in.

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