From meerkats to cats. Big cats! Zoo animals are very much creatures of habit, doing more or less the same thing at the same time every day, so I knew exactly where to find the snow leopard. He was taking a snooze on the ledge right by the viewing window.

Both the lions and tiger were also taking their morning siesta. They can sleep like this for hours so I decided to walk around for a while and come back later in the hopes that they might actually be moving around.

This plan paid off, at least as far as the tiger was concerned. He was on the prowl having taken a dip in the pool (something that I just missed) and appeared to be looking for something. He padded around the enclosure a few times and settled down to chew on some grass.  Eventually, feeling that he’d fulfilled his obligation to entertain the customers, he returned to his ledge and went back to sleep.



15 thoughts on “Cats

  1. Such gorgeous animals; its a shame to see them “caged up” but I understand the need for zoos to house and exhibit species that are at risk of becoming extinct. I hope we don’t lose the “wild ones” any time soon. Great photos!

    • Thanks, Margo! I agree about seeing the animals caged, although conditions have certainly improved over the years. I remember the old caged enclosures at Regents Park Zoo in London back in the 1950’s. Now, every effort is made to provide as natural an environment as possible while helping to educate the public and protect endangered species.

    • So many animals facing extinction, John, and it seems as though the process is speeding up rather than slowing down. I’m afraid that, despite efforts to save such beautiful creatures, it will be too little, too late.

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