A Good Reception

It’s a good thing we don’t rely on this old TV antenna for a good reception of our viewing entertainment.  After these two birds finished bouncing up and down, it got totally bent out of shape. And they weren’t about to be scared off.  Even when I went outside with the camera, they gave me quite the glare.

16 thoughts on “A Good Reception

  1. They look like Cooper’s Hawks (we had a pair that nested in our old neighbourhood – once right in the giant oak in my backyard). Beautiful birds! Well done on catching them on “film”!

    • Thanks, Margo! There always seems to be at least one or two of these beautiful birds in the neighborhood. I think they were nesting somewhere in the next street and pay us the occasional visit especially when I put food out for the other birds. There seems to be a certain amount of team work when they’re on the hunt.

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